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Bionic Air Ion Generator

  1. Bionic Air Ion Generator

The Bionic Air Ion Generator is highly versatile and self balancing unit, it may be installed at the fan inlet of an air handling unit, air conditioners, air purifiers and furnace or in the air stream of a ductless split system with screw or magnet. Models are designed for input voltage 3VDC, 5VDC, 24VAC and 210 – 240 VAC without the use of external power supply. The unit is protected with an in-line 500mA glass cartridge fuse. Each ionization unit is rated up to 6 tons (2400 CFM).


>> Airflow Capacity …………Up to 2,400 CFM

>> Housing Material ………………..ABS

>> Frequency ………………………50/60 Hz

>> Weight ………………200 & 400 gram

>> Power Consumption …Less than 1 watt

>> Maximum Operating Temp…….93oC

>> Total Ion Output …  > 300 Million Ions/cc

>> Mode of Operation ……..Needlepoint

>> Unit Dimension ………2.5″H×4″L×1.6″W

                                     & 3.5″H×5″L×1.6″W

>> Needle Configuration…………..Brush


>>  Particle Reduction and Smoke Control

>> Pathogens Killed (Bacteria, Viruses, Mold), Helps to control Allergens/ Asthma, Prevents Dirty Sock syndrome

>> Odors Neutralized by destroying VOCs


>>  Homes, Shops, Office Buildings

>> Educational Institutions

>> Hospitals, Clinics Nursing Homes

>> Railways & Metros

>> Transportation Hubs

>> Airports

>> Residential & commercial buildings

>> Restaurants, Health Care & Stadiums


              Comparison of positive and negative ion count of the product developed by Ambiair Cleaning Tech Pvt Ltd, with product of foreign companies (made in USA, Singapore, China, etc. with the price range of $ 400 to $ 900) is as fallow:


Sr. No




Positive Ion Count 


Negative Ion Count 


Air Oasis (Bipolar)

132×104  to 250×104

243×104  to 350×104


Global Plasma Solutions (GPS)

250×104  to 305×104

350×104  to 405×104


Ultravation (Orion)

220×104  to 355×104

230×104  to 377×104


Murata (ionizers)

150×104  to 220×104

316×104  to 405×104


Ambiair Cleaning Tech Product 1

242×104  to 322×104

312×104  to 398×104


Ambiair Cleaning Tech Product 2

680×104  to 840×104

960×104  to 1012×104

The data reveals that the developed product is more effective and strong competent to foreign products.

            Bionic Air Ion Generator is ready to use and by using it following products are designed, awaiting for Government support and funding to promote manufacturing and market launch.

Solution for Control of Viral Load against COVID-19

The start-up AmbiAir Cleaning Technology Pvt Ltd, has developed innovative product, India’s first Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization System named as Bionic Air Ion Generator, produces both positive and negative air ions, neutralizing harmful pathogens, pollutants and odors in air. It is the most powerful Air Disinfector device for reducing viral load against COVID-19 spread and control the spread of virus.